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A couple of pics from the amandapalmer gig at Bard last night (8/15). We had an awesome time.

(The second pic is just the performance venue - a tent build for Bard’s summer “Spiegeltent” events.)

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At the Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on Saturday, 11/23, Amanda started to encore with Ukulele anthem.

The stopped. And played the song I was hoping she’d play.

'Bigger on the Inside'

I love this song. I’ve posted it before. But it’s been on my mind since Saturday (and before).

Actual music starts at about 1:30.

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THE MERCH IS ARRIVING, THE MERCH IS ARRIVING! some pictures of the #EveningWith wares reaching their new homes…culled from twitter, etc. it’s so fucking satisfying to see cups being used for actual liquids. 

if you got one, post it up on FB, twitter, tumblr and tag me / use the #eveningwith hashtag. 


(And you don’t want to hear about my good day.)

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