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The Maxwell House Hotel

Maxwell House Coffee came from… the Maxwell House, a hotel in Nashville:

When it opened in 1869, the Maxwell House Hotel was Nashville’s largest and swankiest place to stay. During the early 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt was known to be a guest there, as were various members of the Vanderbilt clan. In 1892, a man named Joel Cheek approached the hotel with his special blend of coffee, and the hotel agreed to start serving it. As the years passed, the coffee became famous and the Maxwell House Hotel lent the brand its name.

They originally claimed Roosevelt came up with the “Good to the last drop” slogan, but later admitted that was a lie.

The hotel burnt down in 1961.

More coffee facts (including how -shudder - decaf is made) here.

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The Physics of Spilled Coffee

This is an actual study, including variables like acceleration and speed of walk, diameter of mug, volume of liquid.

And the amazing discovery?  Walk slower and don’t overfill.  Which is to say, my grandmothers could have been physicists.

(Actually, both of them very well could have been - they were seriously sharp women.)

via ScienceNOW

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