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Elephants Dancing to Bach

Eleanor Bartsch, a violinist for the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, plays for Kelly and Viola.

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Elephants Now Think Twice About Midnight Snacks in Tanzania

Why?  Elephant repellent.  Seriously.

A successful campaign against poachers—and the expansion of national park land—has seen a rise in the elephant population in parts of east Africa. Meanwhile, more farmers are settling nearby in search of fertile land. The result is a rising number of face-to-face meetings between man and elephant.

Birds and insects cause crop damage, too. But they don’t consume 660 pounds of food in 18 hours, as big elephants tend to do. Herds of 15 to 20 can quickly wipe out an entire field and obliterate all the work of a subsistence farmer.

One of the farmers coats his fences in motor oil and chili powder.  The article is a hoot.  Also, short.  Worth reading.


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