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The attacks on Coppola’s upper-class upbringing — by far the rule, rather than the exception, in Hollywood — resemble nothing so much as the cries of nepotism directed at Lena Dunham, whose success has also long since surpassed whatever leg up she may have had. It’s hardly a coincidence that they’re both women, or that neither has made any attempt to hide where she came from. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to take issue with Coppola’s work, or Dunham’s, but there’s also an insidious bias at work, a tacit assumption that women’s art is always about themselves while men can stand outside and objectively comment: Women feel; men think. That Coppola might be capable of both is apparently more than some critics can swallow.

Does Sofia Coppola Have a Problem With Privilege, or Do Her Critics? by Sam Adams

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